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Summer Puffy Paint Window Clings

Summer is all about colorful fun, so why not add a little color to your windows and mirrors with Tulip Dimensional Paint and Ziploc® clings.  We were inspired by all our summertime faves for these adorable designs and include a pattern at the bottom of this post so you can download, print, and get in on the action too!

Orange Crush Taped Tote

Nothing says "I'm ready for summer" like a bright orange tote! Shopping at the farmer's market, taking a stroll through town, heading out on a road trip - a bold orange bag is perfect for all of these adventures! Make it extra sweet with stripes ... Wait, did we say "make it"? Of course we did! It's super easy with Tulip® ColorShot Instant Fabric Color and masking tape. Check it out! 

DIY Geometric ColorShot Skirt

If spring cleaning has you feeling like you have nothing left to wear, don't fret! You don't have to spend a fortune on a whole new wardrobe, you just need some freezer paper and some fun fabric spray paint colors from Tulip® ColorShot Instant Fabric Color! Even if math was never your favorite subject in school, we guarantee you'll love sporting this geometric print any day of the week! Get the tutorial below.

Lucky ColorShot St. Patrick's Day Tee

What are you planning to wear this St. Patrick's Day?! Make all of your friends green with envy when you sport this lucky DIY quote art tee that will have everyone saying "O' snap!" Paired with other green wearables, this shirt will soon become one of your March essentials. Check out how easy it is to make with Tulip® ColorShot Instant Fabric Color, a pattern (at the bottom of this post) and a freezer paper stencil!

3 Creative Ways to Dye Your Knitted Cowl

One of my favorite things about winter and spring is being able to sport scarves and cozy cowls all season long; they make such a great accessory to just about any outfit, whether I'm dressed for work or for brunch with friends! I also have a thing about variety ... I need it! Every day is a new opportunity to sport a whole new look! I don't knit (luckily I have friends who do), but what I can do is tie dye, and thanks to tie dye, I can create all kinds of cowls in a variety of color schemes to go with all of my outfits! Scroll through to check out three different ways you can custom dye a cowl with Tulip® Custom ColorLab dyes and cotton yarns.

Free iLoveToCreate Coloring Book page by Tried and True Blog

Hi, my name is Vanessa Brady (Tried & True) and I'm so excited to be sharing this "I Love To Create" coloring page with you all! I've been drawing coloring pages for the last four years and was thrilled when asked me to make one with the classic craft supplies we all know and love. Whether you're into drawing, sewing, or just making a mess, there's something for everyone in this coloring page!

How to Glue Glitter to Plastic - Glitter Galaxy Eggs

Definitely, without a doubt, the MOST popular tutorial I've ever shared on my own website with 168,000+ pageviews in a SINGLE day, was the galaxy Easter eggs I shared last year. It was absolutely insane and my website went down, over and over bogged down by tons of viewers. When the tech on the phone asked what had gone viral and I told her, it was quite exciting when she got excited having just seen them all up in her Facebook feed :)

This year I've decided to see if I can do my eggs all over again, but this time with glitter, glorious glitter! I'm pretty excited because I feel like they turned out really well. It took multiple attempts and lots of failures, not to mention wasted glitter, but I finally got it just right!

How to Glue Wood to Wood - Wooden Shim Starburst Mirror Tutorial

I've been in my new home for 3 months now and I am in love with it. The kitchen stinks because it's tiny and there is no dish washer and we need to install a garage door opener, but other than that this house is dang fab! 

A lot of our stuff didn't make the cut when trying to figure out what to pack, simply because lots of things were cheaper to purchase new than to move. Add on top that Rob and I wanted to pick things out together to decorate our first home together and only the most loved decor items actually made the cut. 

Now that we're fairly settled we're starting to decorate together. I've always let my master bedroom fall by the wayside, instead choosing to spend decorating money on other rooms of the home that guests actually visit but after decorating the old master to stage it to sell, we realized just how awesome it is to have a beautiful bedroom! This mirror is the first of many DIY touches being added to our modern decor bits we've picked up here and there!