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Easy Quote Art Pillow

Accent pillows are such an easy way to add color AND comfort to any space! We don't know about you, but it seems like the pillows we end up loving cost a small fortune. Honestly, why do pillows cost THAT MUCH?! (Sigh) Luckily for us, we're big into DIYing our own stuff anyways, so a pillow is no exception. We wanted something cute and comfy to go along with our craft room makeover, so of course we decided to do a crafting quote art pillow! Read on to see how easy it was to make with Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color and Tulip Fabric Markers. No experience needed to make this pillow look like a pro busted it out!

DIY Upcycled Spray Painted Chairs

Chairs can be expensive - we all know this. Especially an entire set of chairs! While you're in the middle of giving your craft room/office/any room a makeover, you might be tempted to buy a new set of chairs to go with your new vibe; but before you bust out your credit card and blow your entire budget on chairs, get some COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint and get creative for just a few dollars. We'll show you how!

Make Your Own Wood Letter Sign

We're still working on our craft room, and aside from getting organized, we decided we needed some colorful inspiration as well. A rainbow wood letter sign with an inspirational word is a great way to brighten any space and add a little extra cheer. Plus, you don't have to be a carpenter to actually make your own wood sign! You don't even have to know how to use a hammer and nails. All you need is some heavy-duty glue and some paint; and since we had Aleene's The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive on hand, and COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint left over from our rainbow shelves - and it works on wood - we were ready to CREATE. 

Craft Room Makeover Puffy Paint Canister Labels

Part of getting organized means, well, organizing your stuff. (Obviously.) We've been organizing our craft room, which has been so helpful considering we have a LOT of products hanging around. Color coding and specially labeled canisters have made it so much easier to find the art supplies we are looking for right when we need them. What a concept, right?! Pretty jar labels always help, but we didn't want to cover up the stash of products inside the canisters so that we could easily see them when grabbing product. Enter Puffy Paint. It works on glass, it looks fun and it allows our rainbow of canisters to shine like they're meant to. Read on to see how easy it is to make your own!

Shibori Tie Dye Dog Bed

Tie dye doesn't just have to be for people ... our furry family members love it too (even if they don't know it yet)! Skip the same old stuff you find in stores and get creative with pet scarves, T-shirts or even a dog bed like we made (we decided to go big or go home). Okay, you might be thinking, that sounds great, but tie dyeing a dog bed sounds really hard. Spoiler alert: it's not, especially when you use Tulip One-Step Tie Dye! Check out our video below.

DIY Hand-Painted Rug

Maybe you're frustrated because you haven't been able to find the perfect rug for your space, or maybe you're frustrated because you have found the perfect rug and it's a bazillion dollars! Before you tell yourself to suck it up and get out your credit card, close your eyes and hit the buy button, finish reading this post. Because you can actually hand paint your own colorful masterpiece for the floor with Tulip Soft Paints for super cheap - we'll show you just how easy it is!

Craft Room Makeover Rainbow Shelves

Getting organized is one of those goals we all usually have, but half of us love the process, and the other half hates it! We'll admit it, it DOES feel better to have a well-organized workspace whether it's your desk at the office or your craft room at home (eye roll, sigh - can you tell which half we belong to?!). Another perk: organizing your space can be really pretty too - especially when you use color coding! With that in mind, we decided to organize our amazing rainbow assortment of Tulip color products with a little extra help from our friends at COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint. Read on to get inspired!

Tulip Color Story Health and Wellbeing

Here at Tulip, we decided to kick off the year focused on health & wellbeing since it's such an integral part of all of our lives, no matter our age, profession or gender. And whether some of us are focused on major lifestyle changes or a simpler goal of drinking more water or taking more walks, we truly believe that a healthier life - whatever that means to each of us - leads to a happier life! So we came up with easy, affordable DIYs using Tulip color products that are focused on upping our health game (with the added bonus of exercising our creative muscles) and making something personal that hopefully motivates us on our individual health & wellbeing journeys. Check out our roundup and get inspired!

DIY Custom Painted Yoga Mat

Nama-slay your yoga practice with a mat that's so much more! A custom-painted yoga mat is a fun way to get artistic for an afternoon, and a fantastic way to express your own personal style every time you do your yoga workout. Okay, you might be thinking, but where am I going to find a paint that's flexible enough to stay on my mat between workouts and rolling it up and carting it around? We're so glad you asked! Tulip Soft Fabric Paint dries permanent, soft (hence the name) and flexible, so it's perfect for keeping up with your practice. Read on to see our creative flow, then get inspired to start your own!

DIY Portion Control Containers

If you've been on a fitness kick this year, you're not alone ... we've been trying to make better health choices too (in case you couldn't tell from all of our health and wellbeing posts lately)! Working out is one thing, but monitoring food intake and portions is quite another; it can get really tricky, which is why we came up with a fun way to make portion control easier - and of course more colorful. How did we do it? With a little help from Scribbles 3D Paint, of course! Read on to get inspired to create your own mealtime management system.