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60 Fun Fashion DIYs from the iLoveToCreate blog

Looking for a fun fashion DIY?  Look no further than our blog for some pretty DIYs to help spice up your wardrobe!  These are just 60+ of the wonderful DIYs from our wonderful team of DIY bloggers!  Leave a comment below and let us know your favorite -or- tell us what Fashion DIY you would like to see!  OK, on with the show!
Altered Tie Dye T-shirt
Quote Art Shirt
Glitter & Bones Shirt
Dip Dye Wool Sweater
Candy Crush Sandals

DIY Tribal Tee
Trompe L'oeil Shirt with fabric marker

iKat Sneakers
Polka Dot Jeans
Plastic Animal Necklaces DIY
Rainbow Skull Scarf
You're a Star Sweatshirt DIY
Zebra Glitter Shoes
Watermelon Shorts DIY
Studded Shorts DIY
Nautical Shorts
Typography Denim Shorts
Embellished Hoodie
DIY Studded Flats
Floral Sneakers
Tie Dye Skirt
T-shirt Purse
Zipper Bracelet DIY
Stars & Stripes Scarf
DIY Muslin Scarf
Glue Resist Altered T-shirt
Striped Spray Tee
Dyed & Puff Painted Fringe Necklace
Galaxy Twist Shirt
Glitter Polka Dot Tee
DIY Rocker Shirt
Chevron No-Sew T-shirt

Striped Neon Dress

4 Ways to Spray a Dress

Sprayed Fringe Shirts

Heat Wave Tee

Ice Cream Cone Tights

Charcoal Gypsy Skirt

Superhero Arm Warmers

Hugs & Kisses Glitter Shirt

Fall Fashion Decorating with Leaves 3 Ways

Leaf main
Before the snowflakes invade, I'm still celebrating the last of the fall foliage. The leaves are so beautiful this time of year in Brooklyn. I was up in New England for peak color, but even the last few weeks in Brooklyn have yielded a lovely array of color and variety. Of course, no matter how you try to keep them, the color fades, and they become dry and brittle. Here are three projects with a common autumnal theme that, like the snowflakes I made and painted last year, help make nature last a little longer.

This one starts with your basic stencil...
Leaf stencil materials
What you need:
-variety of Tulip soft paints and/or Tulip 3D Fashion Paints (in shades of red, orange, and yellow)
-Tulip sponge brushes and/or Tulip sponge pouncers
-variety of pressed leaves for inspiration
-sheet of card stock (or scrap manila folder)-pen or pencil
-scissors or craft knife and cutting mat
-plain T-shirt (lighter colors work best, but white is not required!)
-paint palette (or a plastic container from the recycling bin)
-scrap paper (optional) for inserting between the layers of a T-shirt
Leaf stencil trace
Trace the leaf onto the center of the card stock.
Leaf stencil cut
Cut out the center of your tracing.
Leaf stencil paint
Place scrap paper between the layers of the T-shirt, to keep the paint from bleeding through. Hold the stencil, centered, on the front of the T-shirt and use the brush to lightly start adding paint. Dab the brush, rather than making broad strokes--any brushstrokes should be made from the stencil edge onto the fabric (so that paint doesn't get caught underneath the edge of the stencil and bleed).
Leaf stencil full paint
Apply each color as desired, then lift the stencil, let dry, and remove the scrap paper.
Leaf stencil paint finish
You're ready to wear your single leaf...
Oak leaf
...or a different one, if you're more into oak...
Oak leaf and friends
...or a variety, if you can't choose just one...
Leaf stencil paint finish many
...or just jump in a whole leaf pile!
INSPIRATION 2: Reverse Leaf Stencil
This is the same concept as the stencil out of card stock, but you're instead using freezer paper as your mask, and painting the space around the leaf shape.
Leaf reverse materials
 What you need:
-variety of Tulip Fabric Sprays (in shades of red, orange, and yellow)
-variety of pressed leaves for inspiration
-sheet of freezer paper
-pen or pencil
-scissors or craft knife and cutting mat
-iron and ironing board
-plain T-shirt or onesie (lighter colors work best, but, again, white is not required!)
-scrap paper (optional) for inserting between the layers of a T-shirt and to protect your work surface from paint
Leaf reverse iron
Just trace a variety of pressed leaves onto freezer paper and cut them out. Iron the paper leaves, shiny side down, onto the front of the shirt (white on white is hard to see, but they're there!).
Leaf reverse prep
Lay the shirt on a bed of scrap papers (holiday catalogs are perfect!) before you spray the fabric paint over it.
Leaf reverse sprayed
Lightly spray the fabric paints over the shirt, starting with the lightest color (yellow), then add orange and red.
Leaf reverse peel
Gently peel away the freezer paper leaves to reveal your nice crisp edges and let the paint dry completely.
INSPIRATION 3: Glitter Leaf Appliqué
Like the reverse leaf stencil, you're using the actual leaf shape (rather than the negative space) to create
your decoration. The best part about this one? No waiting around during drying time--
since there is no drying time!
Glitter leaf materials
What you need:
-Tulip Fashion Shimmer Iron-on Sheet (gold)
-variety of pressed leaves for inspiration
-ballpoint pen
-scissors or craft knife and cutting mat
-iron and ironing board

-plain bib, T-shirt, or onesie
Glitter Leaf finish
Simply trace the leaf onto the smooth side of the glitter sheet and cut it out. Center and iron the glitter leaf onto the bib (or T-shirt or onesie), smooth side down. As soon as it adheres, the bib is ready to go for baby's first Thanksgiving!
Check out next week for one more way to use autumn leaves as inspiration for decorating fabric!

Holiday Gold Bow T-Shirt DIY

Add some sparkle to the holidays by creating a fun Holiday Gold Bow T-Shirt DIY using the easy to use Tulip Iron-On Transfer Sheets. With all your holiday running around and shopping to do, it’s easy to just throw on a t-shirt and go. But why not add some sparkle and a festive bow to keep those errands from becoming too dull and help spread some festive cheer! This is a simple and quick way to create your own t-shirt designs to wear for the holidays and they’d make great gifts too!
Cloth for ironing
step 1
Draw out your design on a piece of paper or use a stencil if you have one.
step 2
Trace around your design on your Tulip Iron-On Transfer Sheet. 
You’ll need to use a pen for this to make sure you can see your lines.
step 3
Cut out your design carefully to make sure you don’t see your pen lines.
step 4
Place your design on your t-shirt where you want it.
Lay your cloth over your design and press with your iron.
Keep moving your iron around for about a minute to make sure your design is set.
Make sure you use a dry setting on your iron, NO STEAM.
Check your design to make sure it is all secure and adhered to your t-shirt. If you need to you can iron it more to make sure it’s secure.
These Tulip Iron-On Transfer Sheets are so easy to use. I was really surprised at how well (and quickly) they attached to the t-shirt. It was really simple. You can use these to make so many fun graphic T-Shirts to wear yourself or give as gifts. 
For more fun fashion DIY’s check out my blog Trinkets in Bloom! You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

3 Ways to Add Flair to Your Plastic Flatware

When it comes to my Thanksgiving Day, my family visits at least three houses. And each house has at least 20-50 people chowing down on turkey and pumpkin pie. Real silverware is out of the question! But here is a way to still look classy with all those peeps to serve - pick up a set of plastic silver flatware and dip them in Tulip Soft Paint. Here are three ways!

What you need:
Plastic cups
Plastic flateware
Paper towels
Empty the bottle of paint into the cup.
Take one piece of the flatware and dip the end in the paint and tap until all the excess has dripped.
Rset on top of the cups to air dry.
Add glitter over the wet paint BUT don't forget to let dry, then dip in a cup of Collage Pauge to seal the glitter so it won't flake, same with the other pieces. The sealer will make it smooth, shiny, and non-sticky.
And there you go - super stylish plastic flatware that doesn't take long to make!

More ideas:
 - Coat the bottoms a different color.
- Dip in one color, let dry, then dip in another.
- Use a variety of colors for a festive look!
- Don't forget to seal so the paint won't be sticky.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Festive Christmas T-Shirt DIY

Tulip Fashion Glitter sheets open up a world of DIY possibilities.  They can be punched and cut into all sorts of wonderful shapes, layered up and ironed on to t-shirts, pillows, throws, jackets, curtains and more.  I was inspired again by my favorite vintage Christmas ornaments, this time playing with the iconic mid-century modern shapes.  Just cut some out of paper (you can find templates online if hand drawing isn't your thing,) trace and cut the sheets, punch and cut accents, layer it all up and iron it on.  UseTulip fabric markers to add a few hand drawn details and you've got a boutique chic one of a kind DIY t-shirt that teens will love!

 You will need:
Cotton t-shirt
Permanent Marker
Pressing Fabric
Fabric Scissors
Circle Punches
Step one: Gather your materials.  Step Two: Cut ornament shapes out of plain paper, use these as templates to trace and cut the glitter sheets.  Mark on the slick cover with a permanent marker, the cover will be peeled off after you cut it out.  Cut shapes, peel off cover! Step Three: Punch and cut your accent shapes.  Step Four: Slide a Tulip Fashion Form inside of shirt to provide a flat surface for ironing.  Remove the slick plastic cover on the shapes and layer your ornaments and accents up on the shirt.  Step Five: Set iron to proper setting for cotton shirt, use pressing fabric over the elements and press each shape for 40 seconds.  Keep the iron moving.  Check to be sure the shapes are adhered, iron again if needed.  Step Six:  Use the side of the Glitter Sheets cardboard or a ruler to draw straight lines from the collar to the top of each ornament.  I made each one a little different.  Add a bow.  That's it!
We'd love to see what you do with our Tulip Fashion Glitter Sheets!  Join the crafty conversation on Facebook.  
Visit me at my DIY craft blog The Impatient Crafter!

Glitter Snowflake Pillow

Want to add a touch of seasonal decor to your home?  Here's a super fast and easy project you can finish in about 5 minutes.  I love a quick project with pretty results.

To make this pillow you need Tulip Fashion Glitter Transfer Sheets.
 If you haven't used them before, they are awesome.  They are glitter and adhesive in one.  They are flexible and easy to cut.
 To create my snowflake I folded the paper diagonally and cut off the excess so that I had a square.
 Then I folded that triangle in half again.
 Lastly, I folded that triangle into thirds.
I trimmed the top and then cut it until it looked like this.
 After unfolding it, here's what it looked like.  If there are any parts that need fixing you can just trim them up until it looks right.
 Then I placed it on my pillow, covered it with a sheet, and applied it with my iron.
And you have a festive, seasonal pillow to had a little life to your couches.

Sparkling Ornaments DIY

I'm super excited about this simple sparkling ornaments DIY!  I've been playing around with Tulip's new flexible stencils lately, and it occurred to me that they might be really fun on Christmas ornaments.  I collect the old Shiny Brite ornaments, and what I love best about them is the glittered accents.  You can use the Tulip Body glitter and adhesive for this, it works beautifully!  Add a little maribou inside and you have a sparkling, glamorous accent for your tree in a few simple steps. I had some tinsel ribbon in the studio, and it tied everything together perfectly. (Pun intended.)  Here's how you can make some Sparkling Ornaments of your own.  
 You will need:
Clear glass or plastic ornaments
Tinsel Trim
Maribou Trim
Tulip Funky Alphabet Stencil Set with Bubble and Star Stencils
 Step one: Place stencil on center of ornament.  Make sure you rub it down with your finger tips so there aren't any air pockets.  Step two: Dab the adhesive on the stencil.  Step three: Dab the glitter on the adhesive.  Step four: Peel and reveal.  If there is any adhesive seepage, use a wet cotton swab to clean it up.  Step five: Remove cap from ornament and fill with maribou trim.  Replace cap and add a tinsel bow and hanger.  That's it!  Now sip some egg nog and admire your sparkling tree!
Tulip body glitter comes in a rainbow of colors and you can find feather trim to coordinate if you want a more colorful version of this project.  We would LOVE to see your version of these, join the crafty conversation on Facebook!
You can get more fun, fast and fabulous DIY from me at The Impatient Crafter(tm).

How to make neon polka dot ornaments

Happy Saturday everyone!  Check out this video by our very own brand specialist Chloe Tatro.  Chloe shares how to make these adorable and fun polka dot ornaments using clear glass ornaments and Tulip 3D Fashion Paint a.k.a. Puffy Paint!  Watch below to see just how simple it is to make these sweet ornaments!

If you made these cute ornaments, would you make them bold and bright like Chloe did or would you pick more traditional colors?

Neon Marble Paint Ornaments

We've been on a big neon ornament kick lately in our design studio!  We even are going to get a small white Christmas tree and hang them to add a pop to the room for the holidays!  This neon marble set definitely was a LOT of fun to make and all it took was some neon Tulip Soft Paint and clear ornaments to make them!  Here's how you can make your own fun and funky set!

Like I said before, you just need Tulip Soft Paint in neon colors and clear glass bulbs from the craft store.  If you bulbs are dirty, simply clean them off with rubbing alcohol or a baby wipe. You'll also want to grab some paper towels for this project and a plastic cup.

Next squeeze in a little paint inside the ornament. A little bit goes a long way as you'll see in the next step!

Plug the top of the hole with your finger and shake your ornament quickly back and forth.  The paint will disperse inside in a splatter effect.

Now add your second color and do the same shimmy & shake.

 You can stop at a second color or even add a couple more!  It's up to you.  I also like when the ornament leaves a little bit of the glass exposed and you can see through it!
When you finish coating the insides, you'll want to shake out the remaining paint into a cup.  It takes a while for the paint to dry inside the ornament, so it's best to get rid of as much as you can.  Otherwise, if your ornament is being handled -or- if it rolls upside down, it can pour out paint from the metal stem!
 Add back in the metal stem and display these puppies around the house for some added pop!  This version used four colors.  From personal experience, if you shake the green and orange together too much, it may turn into a brownish color.  That was just on one part of my ornament and not the whole thing.
 I think my two tone and three tone versions turned out nice cause they are similar colors and flow nicely together!  Experiment and play around with what color combo you like best!
The fun of these ornaments is that each one is it's own little experiment and cool result!
 Looking for more ornament ideas?  Check out these other projects from our blog!

Faux Pallet Sign Thanksgiving

I've been wanting to make Thanksgiving decorations for when people enter our house. Something to show happiness and love - but sans any turkeys or cornucopias. This was the perfect mix! It says "Con amor" which translates in Spanish as "with love." Here is how I made it - it looks really heavy, but it is so light because it was made with FloraCraft Foam, Aleene's Snow and scrapbook stickers!

Hot knife
Orange, yellow and red spray paint
Scrapbook stickers
Glittered letters
Glittered fruit
1. Use a ruler and pen to draw two lines on the foam all the way down. Next, use a hot knife to cut into pieces, then cut it to the width  you want.
2. Once your pieces are cut, you need to coat them with the Aleene's Snow. It's thick and creamy and will make the foam become a smooth, paintable surface.
3. I used an old gift card to apply the Snow all over the top and sides of each piece. Let dry for about an hour, then glue the three pieces together with the Tacky Glue. Once its dry, then spray with orange paint, accented with yellow and red around the edges.
4. Now it's time to apply the embellishments. My best tip is to arrange your layout before you glue. ALSO  - add Tacky Glue to the back of the stickers. The sticker adhesive is only strong enough for paper, not the texture of this surface. you don't want it all to come off during your party, right?
5. My favorite part is adding the stickers. Just have fun and add them in different directions and levels. You can also add in small objects to offset any areas that need balance. Add your main word in the center and add the bigger embellishments on top, using Tacky Glue.
6. To hang - add picture hangers on the back, or just prop it up wherever you want!
Thanks for checking out my project! Make sure to visit for more crafty ideas!