Picture of Bunnies and Butterflies Body Art

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Bunnies and Butterflies Body Art

This year go all out for your egg hunt with some fun face painting and body art! Tulip® Body Art™ is the perfect way for the kids to get in the spirit for some springtime fun!



1. Wash and dry areas for which Body Art will be applied.

Glitter Butterfly
2. Use butterfly stencil from kit and apply to skin where desired. Press down with fingers so there are no gaps.

3. Apply body adhesive to openings in stencil. Remove stencil.

4. Use small glitter brush to apply desired colors of glitter on adhesive. Use larger glitter brush to brush off excess. Let dry.

Bunny Faces
5. Use paintbrush to paint white base to areas under whiskers and eye accents. Be sure to keep paint away from immediate eye areas.

6. Mix purple with white to create a pink. Add pink accents where desired. Refer to photo if necessary.

7. Use small paintbrush to add Black paint whiskers and accents as desired. Let dry.

What you need:

Tulip® Body Art® Kits


  • Makeup wipes

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