Cactus Tennis Shoes


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Have fun kicking off spring or summer with these super cute DIY cactus tennis shoes! All you need is Tulip® Soft Fabric Paint, a paintbrush and the included pattern to create your own awesome kicks.


What you need:

-Tulip Soft Fabric Paint - 10 pack
-White canvas shoes

Print the cactus pattern and cut it out. Place on the toe area of each shoe and trace with a washable marker.

Mix Soft Paint colors to get a variation of blue and green shades. Brush green paint on the taller cactus and other shades of green or blue on the others; or paint to your liking!

Use red and pink paints to create flowers on some of the cacti. Use the handle of the paintbrush and white paint to create dots on some of the other cacti.

Mix some white into the pink paint to create a pastel shade and carefully brush light pink paint onto the front and heel of each shoe.

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February 23, 2017