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Collage Pauge Holiday Plate

What a super idea for the holidays! Each plate can be personalized with the guest's names and photos. Then after dinner, send them home as party favors!


1.  Cut or tear photos, words or special designs from papers you wish to be predominate on plate.
2.  Cut or tear additional pieces until there are enough to cover tray. If paper is torn it will leave a ragged white edge, which will make it look more like a collage.
3.  Cover work surface with paper towels. Shake bottle of Collage Pauge well. Squeeze a puddle onto foil. Working in a small area at a time, quickly brush Collage Pauge onto the backside of the tray and onto back of a strip of paper. Place photos first, continue to smooth paper onto wet glue on tray. Brush a coat of Collage Pauge over paper. Dip fingers into water. Smooth out any air bubbles, starting at center and working outward in a circle.
4.  Repeat procedure adding words or special designs.
5.  Finish with coat of Collage Pauge over entire piece, then cover with tissue paper.  Apply final coat of Collage Pauge over entire tissue paper.
6.  Cut tissue paper around rim of plate.
7.  Let dry.


  • Decorative papers
  • Plastic tray
  • Foil
  • Foam brush

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