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Looking for the perfect party tee? This bubblegum pink confetti shirt has "fun" written all over it! Read on to see how you can make your own festive DIY confetti design with freezer paper and Tulip® ColorShot® Instant Fabric Color. It's your party and you can ColorShot if you want to!

What you need:

- White T-shirt
- Freezer paper
- Craft knife
- Pencil
- Paper towels
- Plastic tablecloth

Creating a freezer paper stencil is super easy; just follow the steps listed in this graphic! Creating a confetti design should be fairly simple ... have fun hand drawing your own to fit on the front of your shirt, then cut out the designs with a craft knife to create a stencil. After you iron the freezer paper stencil in place, make sure to cover any exposed areas of the shirt with paper towels or more freezer paper to protect from potential overspray. 

When spraying ColorShot, make sure to spray several light coats instead of one heavy coat to help prevent color from bleeding under your stencil. Let dry in between coats, and when you are happy with your color coverage, go ahead and remove the stencil and let your shirt dry completely. 

Now you are totally ready to be the life of the party!

Thanks to our super fun model Amy Watkins of Cozy Reverie! You can follow her on Instagram here

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