Picture of Dip-Dyed Knitted Pillow Covers

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Dip-Dyed Knitted Pillow Covers

Make your summertime pillows extra cuddly with super soft cotton yarn and a cool color palette from Tulip® Custom Color Lab! Try various dip-dyed color combos for intriguing effects.

  1. Mix dyes according to package instructions. Pour into plastic bins.
  2. Dip pillow cover in first dye color then remove from bin. Rotate and dip in another dye color.
  3. Clip pillow cover into hanger clips and hang over covered surface while dye sets. Allow to set for time recommended on packaging.
  4. Once dye has set, thoroughly rinse under running water and launder according to instructions.


  • Knitted cotton pillow covers
  • Plastic shoe-sized bins
  • Hangers with clips

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