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We all know that glitter makes everything better and sunglasses up the cool factor of whatever you’re wearing, so it makes sense that glitter sunglasses are pretty much the coolest thing ever! This holiday season why not make yourself or your bestie some fabulous DIY Glitter Sunnies and spread some sparkly joy. You don’t need expensive sunglasses or special tools to make these and they’re super easy too! Let’s get started!

What you need:

Supplies you’ll need:

Tulip Fashion Glitter

Tulip Glitter Bond


Paint brush


step 1
Tape off any sections where you don’t want glitter.

step 2
Spread your Tulip Glitter Bond everywhere you want glitter.

step 3
Sprinkle glitter on top.

Tap off excess glitter.

Let dry.

step 4
When your first color is dry, add more glitter bond for your second color.

step 5
Sprinkle glitter on top.

Tap off excess glitter.

Let dry.

step 6
I’ve found that the Tulip Glitter Bond will hold the glitter in place really well, but if you want to add a clear top coat (like gesso) after your glitter is dry you can do that.

When your glitter and glue are dry you can use a damp q-tip or paper towel to wipe away any excess glitter.

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