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Halloween is right around the corner, and you know what that means! Time to turn all things ordinary a little spooky, adorn your house with spiders, and of course create fabulous costumes! This DIY Glow in the Dark Spiderweb Necklace is easy to make and super fun to wear. Using Tulip's Glow in the Dark Fabric Paint, it's so fun and easy, so get ready to make creepy creatures and costumes to add a little macabre to this holiday season! Let's get started!

What you need:

Tulip Glow
the Dark Dimensional Fabric Paint
Tulle fabric
Wax paper
Tape s
Wax paper

Step 1

Print out your pattern and tape it down flat.

Step 2

Place a sheet of wax paper over your pattern, secure it with tape.

Step 3

Lay your tulle fabric on top of your pattern and wax paper, secure your tulle with tape.

Step 4

It’s helpful to shake your tubes of paint before you begin to get any air bubbles out.


You can also test it out on a paper towel first to get a feel for working with these paints.


Be careful not to drag the tip of your paint tube along the fabric.


Using your Tulip Glow in the Dark Dimensional Fabric Paint start tracing over the lines of your pattern.


The colors I used are:

Natural for the spiderweb

Green Glow for the spider

Pink for the center of the spider

Step 5

Let your paint dry for a few hours or overnight to make sure it’s completely dry.

Step 7

Cut around your spiderweb, trimming off all excess fabric.

Step 8

Cut two small slits on either end of your spiderweb.

Run a piece of ribbon through either side, you will use this ribbon to tie your necklace on.

Watch it glow!

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