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Summer is here and what better way to tote your things around than with this lady liberty bag!?! It's a fun project to make and trust us, kids will love it as well. You can use this for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Flag Day or any other patriotic events. This is a great custom gift to give to friends and family. Here's how you make it!


What you need:

Canvas Tote

Color Shot Sapphire Shimmer

Wax Paper 



Scissors or X-acto Knife

Plastic table cloth

Paper towels

Print your favorite patriotic art from the internet or create your own, then trace onto a piece of freezer paper. Cut out with scissors or x-acto to create a stencil and iron it waxy side down onto the front of your shirt to create a temporary bond. Make sure to cover exposed areas of your shirt with more freezer paper or paper towels to protect from overspray. Lightly spray a coat of Sapphire Shimmer over the stencil openings and let dry, then spray a second coat. Continue spraying light coats versus one heavy coat to help prevent color bleed. When you are happy with your color coverage, let dry and remove the stencil. 

We hope you enjoyed this project and that you stay patriotic!!!  #USA #ilovetocreate #patriotic

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