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Did you know that July 17th is "National Ice Cream Day" which means it's the perfect excuse to get a tub of ice cream and box of crafts to celebrate this fabulous day! We don't know about you but we just love any excuse to eat ice cream. Inspired by this day, we whipped up this modern mint ice cream shirt. We will show you an easy freezer paper technique to help you create this shirt. Who's ready to get started?

What you need:


Color Shot Mint

Wax Paper 



Scissors or X-acto Knife

Plastic table cloth

Paper towels

To do this project you will refer to the above steps and also below for a written description. 

Step One: Print out any design you want to use for your garment. We suggest using bold designs. For the shirt in this project you can simply lay out a piece of wax paper and draw organic "drips" then cut it out if you do not print something out. 

Step Two: Place a piece of wax paper on top of your print out and trace your designs with a pencil. 

Step Three: Carefully cut out designs on wax paper with scissors or x-acto knife. If your kids are doing this project please monitor them for this step or possibly cut it all out for them. 

Step Four: Iron your cut out wax pieces onto your garment. Again, monitor kids for this step!

Step Five: Get your Lemonade Color Shot spray and add a light coat of spray onto garment. We suggest adding multiple light coats until you reach the desired color. Spraying too much at one time could lead to color bleeding under the wax paper and we do NOT want that! (Tip: If you only want the cut outs to be sprayed make sure to cover and tape off any part of the garment that you do NOT want the spray to get)

Step Six: Allow the shirt to dry completely then carefully peel off wax paper to see your masterpiece. 

We hope you enjoyed this project and that you enjoy " National Ice Cream Day"...  #icecream #ilovetocreate #mintchocolatechip 

Don't forget to visit our facebook page to see what else we are creating and to post your creations using our products! Happy Summertime! 

Thanks to our model Katie Oxman @katherinealice for this minty photo!

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