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If you've been on a fitness kick this year, you're not alone ... we've been trying to make better health choices too (in case you couldn't tell from all of our health and wellbeing posts lately)! Working out is one thing, but monitoring food intake and portions is quite another; it can get really tricky, which is why we came up with a fun way to make portion control easier - and of course more colorful. How did we do it? With a little help from Scribbles 3D Paint, of course! Read on to get inspired to create your own mealtime management system.

What you need:

Scribbles 3D Paint Shiny 20 Pack

Aleene's Clear Gel Tacky Glue

- Food containers with plastic lids

- Resealable plastic bags

- Printouts of food to represent protein, veggies, fruit and carbs

- Clear tape

Place your food printouts inside the resealable plastic bags and tape in place to hold secure while you work. Trace over the images with 3D Paints in desired colors.

Accent designs with other colors - have fun with it!

Once the painted designs have dried completely, peel them off of the plastic.

Make sure your food container lids are clean and dry. Decide where on the lid you would like the food icons to be; determining your portion balance for protein, fruits, veggies and carbs will help with this, especially if you will be using one container for multiple types of food! Once you've determined where the food icons will go, use Aleene's Clear Gel Tacky Glue to glue in place.

To create a super fine tip for portion lines and wording, wrap a piece of tape into a cone shape around the bottle tip, leaving a small hole for paint to travel through. Practice squeezing paint on a paper towel to make sure you are happy with the paint flow.

Create portion lines directly on the lid around the food icons. Use dashes, squiggles, solid lines or whatever your heart desires!

Label sections with the appropriate names. Let dry completely.

Now you're ready to get on track with meal prep and portion control! Keep it fun and interesting with a variety of containers in your own flair!

Since the lids are hand painted, we recommend hand washing gently and air drying; do not place in the dishwasher.

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March 12, 2019