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Christmas is my favorite time of the year and what better way to celebrate than with this Santa Carafe and Jars. I love the idea of kids having their own little Christmas section for their drinks! What's fun is if they are drinking from them and you snap photos these will be super cute in them! The best part is when Christmas is over you can just slip the sleeves off and BOOM your jars are ready for the next holiday! If you don't want to put liquids in them you could also fill them with chex mix, candy or bath salts! Endless possibilities y'all! 

Let's get started!

What you need:

Tulip Fashion Glitter

Tulip Fashion Glitter Bond

Aleene's Tacky Spray

Red Felt

Black Fabric



The first thing you want to do is clean off your jars with alcohol. This will get all of the oil off of them. 

I used three different shades of glitter for this project. Sometimes I like to make my "OWN" shade of glitter. Plus it adds your own touch to your project. Have fun with your glitter and keep mixing colors until you are happy with your shade. 

The first thing I did was lay out the felt behind my carafe just to get an idea of where I want to cut. 

I folded my red felt in half to see if that would work for my carafe and it was!!!

Fold your felt in half as stated above then cut along the seam. When finished you will have two pieces of felt. Make sure to use a good pair of scissors to ensure a clean cut!

Spray some Tacky Spray along the end of your piece of felt. Remember to only do it on ONE side of your felt. 

Time to wrap your felt around your carafe and overlay the end you sprayed over the other end. It will stick right away and it will NOT move! I love this product! You can literally use it for everything. 

Remember that half we had left over from the felt we cut earlier. We will repeat the steps we already did to make smaller pieces for our jars. 

Once you wrap your small jars this is what they will look like! How cute.

Time to get our our black fabric to make Santa's belt. Cut small strips like this. 

Wrap them around the middle of the red felt and secure them with Tacky Spray just like the felt. So easy!

This is how they will look once you are finished with his belt!

Time to get out our Glitter Bond. This is needed when using our Fabric Glitter. 

Grab a hard bristled brush and draw Santa's belt. Make sure to center it y'all! 

Take your "homemade glitter mix" and sprinkle it over the glue. Put enough glitter so all of the glue get's covered. Let it sit like this for a few minutes. One this sits for a while simply blow off the glitter. You can use another brush to brush off the excess glitter on the black fabric and felt. 

I love how they came out, don't you! Just an easy project you can do for your special Christmas memories. Trust me I am not a kid and I love them, can you imagine what kid's will think when they see them! 

I am super pleased with the outcome and I know they will be a hit at your Christmas party! 

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I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did! See you in the next post! XOXO, Jaderbomb

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