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Dreaming of a White Mocha Mug

While you're dreaming of a white Christmas, add in a white mocha for extra flavor! Stay cozy and warm as you dream by the fire with a custom PaintedbyMe™ mug.

  1. Clean mug with soap and water, then dry with a lint-free towel.
  2. Follow instructions on marker packaging to prep ceramic markers. Freehand draw "I'm dreaming of a white mocha" and create accent lines around mug. Freehand draw or use stencil to create snowflake design and accent with silver marker. Let dry. Tip: Wipe away any mishaps with a cloth and rubbing alcohol or window cleaner. 
  3. Place mug in cool oven, then turn on oven and bake according to instructions.

What you need:

PaintedbyMe® Mugs
PaintedbyMe® Ceramic Markers
PaintedbyMe® Stencils


  • Rubbing alcohol or window cleaner

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