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Fall Votive Candleholders

Not only are these colorful glass votive holders stunning, they are a cinch to make! All you need is some Aleene’s® Tacky Glue®, cellophane, fabric leaves and tissue paper to make a big sheet. You can customize your looks by cutting and positioning the paper just right on the votive holders. The “paper” you make works on big projects too!

  1. On covered work surface in plastic bowl, mix bottle of Tacky Glue with water until it is the consistency of thin pancake batter.

  2. Tape a length of cellophane onto work surface.

  3. While wearing gloves, spread a thin layer of glue mixture over cellophane.

  4. Apply sheets of tissue paper over glue, pressing and shaping to create texture, and pressing out air bubbles. Add more glue or paper until cellophane is covered.

  5. Scatter fabric leaves randomly over wet glue paper. Cover leaves with more glue mixture. Allow glue paper to dry completely. This may take a day or two depending on room temperature.

  6. Cut glue paper to fit around votive candleholders. Secure with several wraps of twine and tie into a bow or knot.


What you need:

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  • White tissue paper
  • Clear cello wrapping film
  • Assorted fabric leaves
  • Assorted glass votive holders
  • Disposable gloves
  • Masking tape
  • Large plastic mixing bowl
  • Large plastic mixing spoon
  • Disposable plastic table cover
  • Jute twine

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