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What to do with all of those paper scraps? If you're a papercrafter, then you know all about saving and storing paper scraps. This simple card project goes together fast and is a perfect solution to the dilemma of too many paper scraps. Mix and match paper types, colors, and finishes as you punch or die cut the paper pieces into shapes. Then arrange those shapes into a pattern on a card front, secure them in place with Aleene's Instant Tacky Adhesive Dots, and WOW! Instant card. No waiting for glue to dry and no cutting into pristine full sheets of paper - just use scraps. Punching and adhering paper shapes to a card front is a great busy activity for the kids or easy to do while watching your favorite TV show. Follow the tutorial below to see how easy it is to create paper on paper cards with Aleene's Instant Tacky Adhesive Dots.

What you need:

Aleene's Instant Tacky Adhesive Dots

White Card Base

15 die cut paper hearts

Apply paper die cut heart to a dot on a sheet of Aleene's Instant Tacky Adhesive Dots.

Peel paper die cut heart from the sheet. The adhesive dot will now be applied to the back of the die cut.

Apply the die cut to the card front to create a design.

Continue adding paper die cuts with Aleene's Instant Tacky Adhesive Dots until the card front  is covered. 

Add a sentiment in your own hand writing or leave blank, like these. 

Create cards using any paper shapes, such as stars, flowers, butterflies, or hearts. Layer the paper shapes to add more interest and dimension to your card designs.

Here's a pinnable graphic for you to pin to Pinterest to remember this project! Happy crafting!

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