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Fish Plate

For those of you who like to really get into a project, this intricate platter is the project for you! We help you get started with a detailed pattern. Just fill in with Black Brown Cover-Coat Underglaze and protect with Envision Clear Glaze.



  1. Gently wipe greenware with sponge to clean and smooth surface.

  1. Place several pieces of clay carbon paper on fish plate and overlay with fish pattern, matching up the edge of the pattern with the edge of the plate. Use masking tape to gently tape pattern and carbon paper to plate edges and underside to hold in place.

  1. Gently trace pattern onto greenware plate with pencil, making sure not to press down too heavily or you will indent plate surface. Gently peel off tape to remove pattern.

  1. Use Detail and Round brushes as needed to apply 3 coats of Black Brown to design shapes. Let dry between coats.

  1. Bisque fire to shelf cone 04.

  1. Use Glaze brush to apply 2 coats of Clear Glaze completely over platter. Let dry.

  1. Stilt and glaze fire to shelf cone 06.



  • Soft sponge
  • DM 1797 Tropical Fish Platter
  • Pencil
  • Clay carbon paper
  • Masking tape


  • Fish Plate pattern

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