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Forever Fall Wreath

Every autumn, nature puts on a brilliant show when the normally green leaves on trees transform into a spectrum of picturesque color. Unfortunately, this stunning spectacle is only temporary until the leaves fall to the ground. But with a fun new technique using Aleene’s® Tacky Glue®, Tulip® tie dye and tissue paper, you can play Mother Nature and create your own dazzling display of fall foliage that will never fade. Adhere them to a wreath to use year after year! 



1. Use masking tape to secure a large piece of cellophane to work surface.  Each glue bottle will make a square of paper approximately 12”x12”.

2. Mix desired dye colors according to package instructions. Colors used here are Wine, Green, Yellow and Violet mixed together to create Ochre, Coral and Brown.

3. Pour first bottle of Tacky Glue into mixing bowl. Add dye to glue until desired hue is achieved, mixing well. Your paper color will become more intense as it dries. Add water to thin glue/ dye mixture to consistency that can be brushed.

4. Use large paintbrush to brush a layer of dyed glue mixture onto cellophane.

5. Tear tissue paper into strips and lay over glue, pressing them into mixture and covering glue completely.

6. Paint remaining dyed glue mixture over tissue paper. Allow finished paper to dry completely.

7. Repeat above steps to create additional paper colors.

8. Use scissors to cut created papers into leaf shapes.

9. Glue onto grapevine wreath with Tacky Glue. Let dry.


What you need:

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  • Plastic mixing spoon
  • Grapevine wreath
  • Large disposable paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • White tissue paper
  • Large plastic mixing bowl
  • Clear cellophane
  • Masking tape

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