Picture of Golden Girl

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Golden Girl

When it comes to accessories, go for the gold! Turn an ordinary bangle into an ultra girly accent with gold ribbon and lace, and a little help from Aleene’s® adhesives.



  1. Squeeze a dot of Fabric Fusion on inside area of bangle then place end of ribbon in glue. Wrap gold ribbon tightly around bangle, overlapping edges so bangle is completely covered.
  2. Squeeze a dot of Fabric Fusion at stopping point (on the inside of bangle) then press end of ribbon into glue and use clip to hold ribbon in place while glue sets.
  3. Cut up random pieces of gold lace.
  4. Lay down newspaper in a well-ventilated area and place lace pieces on newspaper.
  5. Spray Crystal Clear Tacky Spray onto lace pieces then place pieces sticky side down onto bangle, wrapping around edges as shown. Let dry completely.


  • Newspaper
  • Clip
  • Gold lace – ½ yard
  • Wood bangle
  • Gold ribbon – 2 yards

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