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Golden Touch Sequin Bottles

Creating home and party décor that stands out doesn’t have to be difficult … Sometimes you just need a golden touch! Turn empty glass bottles into a shimmery centerpiece with gold spray paint and sparkly sequins tacked on with Aleene’s® Always Ready Clear Gel Tacky Glue.



1. Wash and peel off any labels from your glass bottles. In a well-ventilated area or outdoors, spray paint your bottles gold and allow them to dry for at least one hour. Make sure spray paint has completely dried before progressing with project.

2. Working in sections at a time, apply Clear Gel Tacky Glue to bottle. Apply a thick layer of glue and smooth with a disposable brush.

3. Immediately sprinkle a handful of gold sequins over the glue. Repeat until the area is covered. Use additional glue to fill in empty areas with more sequins if necessary.

4. Continue this process until you have made your way around the bottle and all desired areas are sequined.

5. Add a second color of sequins if desired.

6. Allow the bottle to dry for 24 hours before handling.


  • Optional: additional sequin colors
  • Gold spray paint
  • Various glass bottles
  • Disposable paintbrush

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