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Graffiti Handbag

Tulip® Fabric Spray Paints easily take your fashions over-the-top with just a quick spray. Tulip® Fabric Spray Paints are available in all colors of the rainbow and even with sparkles - they're permanent, colors won't wash out and you can create tricked-out fashions with no rules!


  1. Measure 24 inches up from cut edge of fabric and cut across.
  2. Heat iron to hottest setting with steam. The fabric needs to be folded in a random pleat design. Open fabric and lay on ironing board. Starting at one selvage edge, accordion pleat about 8 inches of fabric. Place iron flat on fabric then press and steam for a sharp crease – Caution – the steam is very hot. Accordion pleat next 8 inches of fabric, working at angles and undoing some of the fabric and re-ironing until desired look is achieved. Repeat on entire piece of fabric from selvage edge to selvage edge.
  3. Cover work surface with plastic trash bag. Lay pleated fabric flat on surface.
  4. Start with Grape Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint™, holding bottle about 12 inches or so above paper towel, spray a few times to get feel of bottle. Spray sections of fabric with Grape. Start lightly as more paint can be added if necessary. White sections should show when fabric is slightly pulled apart. (Refer to photo.) Continue with Fuchsia and Dark Teal sections. Let dry and add more spray if desired.
  5. Start Asphalt Fabric Spray Paint™ on paper towel. This is a thicker, more opaque paint and will spray differently. Test on paper towel. Spray a few streaks onto fabric. Let dry.
  6. The pleated outer fabric will need a lining. Cut another 24-inch length of fabric and lay on work surface. Lay pleated fabric –with pleats facing upward – on top and adjust fabric making sure pleats are intact.
  7. Enlarge pattern to size shown and cut out. Lay pattern on desired area of painted fabric (remembering that two painted sections need to be cut) and pin in place, making sure to pin though backing fabric too. Loosely cut around pattern leaving about an inch border.
  8. To hold pleats in place for the next step, press three strips of low tack masking tape across pleats.
  9. Place pleated fabric pleated side up on work surface, and then place a piece of white fabric about the same size over top. Pin pattern piece in place then sew next to pattern edge around outside edges, leaving strap ends open. Remove pattern. Carefully trim seams to a ¼ inch and clip curves. Turn pleated side out by carefully pulling fabric through the handle opening.
  10. Repeat steps 7 through 9 for other side of purse. Carefully remove tape. Press edges smooth from back.
  11. Pin purse sections with painted sides facing together, then sew a scant ½-inch seam, starting with a taper at side then sew across bottom and up other side, tapering stitching off fabric. Snip thread then turn painted side out.
  12. To finish off handle edges, turn cut edge to inside about a ¼ inch then sew a slipstitch to close.
  13. Place straight edge of “D” ring along to back of handle then fold end to inside about a ½ inch. Sew in place.
  14. Use wire cutters to cut two links from chain. Use needle-nose pliers to attach a jump ring through ring and link of chain. Add two more jump rings for a total of three. Repeat step to attach handles to purse.


What you need:

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  • Ruler
  • Needle and thread to match
  • “D” rings – 2 inches (4)
  • Steam iron
  • White fabric – 2 yards
  • Chain – silver link – 12 inches
  • Paper towels
  • Scissors
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Low-tack masking tape
  • Handles – black leather
  • Jump rings – silver – ½ inch (24)
  • Sewing pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Large plastic trash bag

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