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Eating healthy is a top priority for many people, and these 'healthy eating' affirmation plates are a great way to stay motivated!

If you own a paint-on-pottery studio, you can set up a display with ideas for people to paint their very own plate to make each meal an event! You can offer my patterns posted below, come up with your own or invite your guests to freestyle! And if you are a creative person looking to liven up your eating routine, visit a local pottery studio to get in on the fun.

The idea is to make each meal a meaningful one. Don't rush, savor the experience. Choose to eat good foods, and have a great time doing it. How can you not, with all these bright colors?

For the dinner plate, paint Bright Caribbean around the inside of the rim, then Bright Purple scallops. Do this around the entire rim, then do it two more times to make three coats.

Drop in Really Red inside the scallops.

Use the pattern to draw the design in the middle of the plate, or free style.

Use the French Green to draw the letters. Follow along with the pattern to fill in the rest of the letters and banner.

Outline the colors on the rim.

Here's what it should look like! Don't worry about the pencil, it will burn off in the kiln. Coat with Pure Brilliance Clear glaze, let dry and fire to cone 06.


Salad plate.

Dessert plate!

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