High Impact Paper Flowers, the Easy Way!


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Paper flowers are always a popular craft project. Not only are they festive and fun, but when you know the easy way to make them, you can turn them out by the dozen! This project is a great way to use up that stash of tissue paper hiding your closet, and with the addition of some Tacky Glue and a few minutes of your time, you will have the formula for making high-impact flowers in just a few minutes. Want to know the secret? Let’s go!

What you need:

Tissue paper (two colors minimum: each flower needs twelve 10" circles + four 5" circles)


Tacky Glue

Fold tissue paper into small stacks and cut out 10" circles. Don't worry if a few of the circles are lopsided or imperfect, it adds character. 

Fold the stack of circles in half and use scissors to fringe the edges. 

Squeeze four or five dots of Tacky glue in a wide circle around the center. 

Gather 15 fringed circles (can be one color or every color) and repeat squeezing glue dots around the center area of the circles. 

Stack the circles on top of each other, glue side up. Set aside. 

Fold a second color of tissue paper and cut four 5" circles. 

Repeat the stacking and glueing process, this time making the ring of glue dots slightly smaller. 

Use your hand to flatten the stack and spread the glue. Allow to dry at least 30 minutes. 

One by one, pull and pinch each layer of tissue paper toward the center being careful to keep your fingers away from the edges. 

Continue the process, gently pulling each layer of circles toward the center, pinching the bases as you go. 

Keep going!

And there is your flower. You can add a thumbtack or magnet to the back, or maybe add a few leaves. It's up to you!

These fringed paper flowers look terrific on top of a package and the recipient will keep your handiwork on display long after party is over! 

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