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Hit the Road Paper Rope Frame

Display your favorite road trip memories in a frame covered in creativity! Decoupage colorful tissue papers and maps onto a simple frame then embellish with paper ropes and a hint of sparkle for a creatively colorful way to keep the fun going long after the trip ends.



Decoupage tissue onto frame:
1. Hand tear one dozen 2” to 4” strips and irregular pieces of colored tissue paper. 

2. Squeeze a puddle of Matte Collage Pauge onto foam plate. Beginning with the upper left corner of the frame, use a sponge brush to apply a light coat of Collage Pauge onto a section of frame. Place a piece of tissue paper over the adhesive and brush a little more Collage Pauge over the top of tissue piece to set in place.

3. Repeat steps outlined above, brushing on Collage Pauge and adding and overlapping colored tissue pieces until entire frame front and sides are covered.

4. Hand tear map into sections of choice. Apply ink along edges with small sponge brush and let dry. Attach map sections to frame using decoupage steps outlined above. Let dry.

Create paper ropes:
Technique: Twist the tissue strips, dabbing with Collage Pauge in places as you twist; once completely twisted, roll the twisted strip in Collage Pauge and set on nonstick mat to dry enough to handle.

1. Hand tear 2” wide strips of tissue in colors of your choice.

2. Use technique described above to create desired number of paper ropes.

Create paper rope shapes:
1. Bend and shape paper ropes into swirly shapes, curves or angles, as desired. Trim where needed. 

2. Place ropes where desired on frame.

3. Working with one rope at a time, apply a thin line of glue on wrong side of rope; place rope on frame and remove, leaving a line of glue on frame. Squeeze a thin line of glue over the glue tracing on frame, then press the paper rope back in place over the glue.

4. Repeat process for each rope. Let dry completely.

Complete the frame:
1. Brush a light coat of Glossy Collage Pauge over the entire frame (front and sides) and over all paper rope shapes. Let dry. Apply second coat to frame only and let dry.

2. Carefully brush a light coat of Glitter Collage Pauge over all paper rope shapes. If desired, brush a very light coat on two or three sections on the frame. Let dry completely.

3. Optional: Seal the back of the frame by applying two coats of Glossy or Matte Collage Pauge. Dry completely before attaching hanger hardware.

What you need:

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  • Old road maps or color print of old maps showing Rt. 66
  • Ruler
  • Foam plate
  • Wood frame
  • Water container
  • (2) Non-stick craft mats
  • Waterproof dye inkpads
  • Yellow highlighter or marker
  • Tissue paper – colors of choice
  • Scissors
  • Paper towels

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