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 l love the holidays. The bright colors, shiny things and twinkle all make for a very happy time, don't you think? In celebration of the upcoming holiday season I thought I'd make some shoes to kick around town in and add a little jingle to my step!

By starting with green shoes we're eliminating the need to paint our leaves green. And since I wanted my shoes to ultimately be mostly black, going over green made more sense than white so I'll have less area to cover.

If you prefer white shoes you can definitely go over the green BUT I'd strongly recommend starting with white shoes instead!

Using your red opaque marker draw 2-3 circles.

Using the green marker draw spiky leaves around. 2-4 is a good number.

These are very simple to draw, kind of like the brackets you use to make a everything in one area go together, you know, these things {{{. Practice on a piece of paper before taking to your shoe and you'll be a pro even if you aren't the best artist. They really are that easy to draw!

Continue adding berries and leaves to fill the toe portion of the shoe.

Occasionally overlap leaves and vary size for an interesting look. NOW, I actually think my shoes look pretty awesome like this and I might actually make another pair and leave them like this. Hmm. What are your thoughts?

Draw a single set of berries with a few leaves on the back heel to tie in with the front of the shoe.

Fill in the empty space with your black paint using a fabric brush. Why a fabric brush specifically? Fabric brushes are nice and stiff and that means you get nice, crisp lines that you couldn't with a softer brush.

Now we're going to add a bit of dimension to our berries and leaves. Take a peek up there and see what we've got right now.

Using your opaque green marker fill in little areas of each leaf to give them dimension. It doesn't matter if you understand shading and all of that artsy business because no matter how you fill them in they'll look great. For the leaves that go underneath another, fill the entire leaf in to get good depth.

Make little circles of your red paint within each berry and shake some fashion glitter on top. Allow the paint to dry before shaking the glitter off to get maximum shimmer!

Don't forget to glitter the berries on the back, too!

And there you have your fab shoes! They are totally unique and that makes them the perfect DIY in my book!

The glitter adds some fun shimmer but the large amount of black make them work well for lots of holiday outfits.  I've been padding all around the house in mine and they are comfy and cute and I love them!

Even if you can't draw you can totally make these cuties! And you can make them in any color you please, really. How about gold berries? Or using blue instead of black for the background? The colors are endless and since they are generic "holly-day" shoes you can wear them for any winter holiday!

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