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Take the guesswork out of decorating your PaintedbyMe mugs with PaintedbyMe stencils! These easy-to-use stencils come in all sorts of fun designs, so all you have to do is add color. Check out how easy it is!

Make sure the surface of your mug has been cleaned with soap and water or window cleaner and a lint-free cloth. Fingerprints and dust can create unwanted texture on your piece!

Decide where you want to create your design, then peel the backing from the stencil and stick in place. Press firmly around all of the edges to make sure the stencil is securely in place.

Gently color in the stencil openings with your ceramic markers. Once you're finished, peel off the stencil and wash it with soap and water, then place back on the backing to store for later use.

Add other fun doodles and designs for extra personalization!



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July 23, 2015