Picture of I Heart T-Shirt

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I Heart T-Shirt

No matter what time of year, hearts are in! The Tulip® Fashion Art Resist™ lets you draw a desired picture or personalize your creations and keeps the Tulip® One-Step Fashion Dye™ colors separate.



  1. Prewash T-shirt to remove sizing. Do not use fabric softener.
  2. Cover work surface with plastic bag. Lay shirt on prepared surface.
  3. Apply Fashion Art Resist in freeform hearts on T-shirt. Let dry.
  4. Wearing rubber gloves, add water to dye bottles. Replace caps tightly. Shake until dyes are dissolved.
  5. Apply dyes in desired order in hearts. If desired, add a little of other dye colors along edges for a more watercolor look. Apply Yellow to white areas of T-shirt. Cover with plastic bag and let set 4-6 hours.
  6. Wash to remove Resist following packaging instructions.



  • Plastic bags
  • T-shirt, white

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