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Magical Mirage T-shirt

Create the beauty of a tropical sunset on a bright, bold tee you’ll love to wear all summer long. Combine using different fabric paints with a screen printing method for a layered look that’s simply stunning.



1. Download desired palm tree/island graphic from computer, print out and create your screen, following package instructions from Tulip® All-in-1 Screen Printing System™. Set aside screen.

2. Iron freezer paper to inside front of T-shirt.

3. Spray front of shirt randomly with Snow fabric spray paint. Let dry.

4. Draw a large circle on a large sheet of freezer paper and cut out. This opening is your “sun” stencil.

5. Iron freezer paper stencil onto the front of T-shirt, with opening in desired position.

6. Use Pink, Yellow and Orange Soft® fabric paints to paint in your sun.  Let dry and remove stencil.

7. Remove freezer paper from inside shirt and position T-shirt on Screen-It base. Spray lightly with Repositionable Tacky Spray and place palm tree/island screen over painted sun. 

8. Screen according to package instructions, using Ebony Soft paint. Let dry.


What you need:

Tulip® Fashion Art Tools
Tulip® ScreenIt™
iLoveToCreate products


  • Freezer paper
  • Neon pink V-neck T-shirt
  • Pencil
  • Iron
  • Scissors


  • Magical Mirage T-shirt Pattern 1

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