Picture of Make Your Own "Elf" Inspired Mug

Make Your Own "Elf" Inspired Mug

Ever since it's debut, the movie "Elf" has been a Christmas movie cult classic. Full of childlike humor and tons of silly fun, it's hard to imagine the holiday season without this festive movie in your rotation! Add to your movie-watching memories with a cup of cocoa in your own custom Elf-themed mug; get your friends together and make and use your mugs the same day you watch the movie with PaintedbyMe™ bake at home ceramic mugs and markers!

  1. Clean mug with soap and water, then dry with a lint-free towel.
  2. Follow instructions on marker packaging to prep ceramic markers. Create favorite quote or themed design from movie. Let dry. Tip: Wipe away any mishaps with a cloth and rubbing alcohol or window cleaner. 
  3. Place mug in cool oven, then turn on oven and bake according to instructions.

What you need:

PaintedbyMe® Mugs
PaintedbyMe® Ceramic Markers


  • Rubbing alcohol or window cleaner