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Modern Day Dorothy Glitter Shoes

Somewhere over the rainbow is a fabulous pair of glitter shoes just waiting for your creativity! Pair glitter with strips of fabric adhesive tape for a quick and easy way to give your kicks a glitzy new makeover.



1. Apply four strips of Peel & Stick Tape diagonally across fronts of shoes; leave top protective liner in place on each strip.

2. Remove top liner from first strip and move down halfway, then press liner back in place, exposing only half of strip. Sprinkle Gold glitter onto exposed portion of strip and shake off excess.

3. Remove liner from bottom half of strip. Sprinkle Light Green glitter over bottom half and shake off excess.

4. Repeat above steps for remaining tape strips, applying two glitter colors per strip as follows: 
a. Second strip: Green/Blue
b. Third strip: Purple/Pink
c. Fourth strip: Red/Orange

What you need:

Fall Products & Inspiration
Tulip® Fashion Glitter® Packs


  • Canvas slip-on shoes
  • Scissors

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