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Nature Walk Body Art

Enhance your favorite looks with Tulip® Body Art™! Stocked with body paints, glitters, crystals and stencils, it’s easy to turn yourself into a temporary work of art with Tulip® Body Art™ products. 



1. Clean area of skin where body art will be applied. Do not apply lotion.

2. Peel backing from large flower stencil and press on skin.

3. Dampen paintbrush and brush across surface of black body paint to load with color. Brush over stencil openings, then remove stencil from skin.

4. Repeat process with dandelion stencil, creating two designs cascading below large flower design. Refer to photo.

5. Clean stencils and place back on backing for later use.

6. Use black paint and a paintbrush to create swirl designs around dandelions and flower. Enhance with yellow paint then brush gold body glitter over the yellow swirls.

7. Use Body Art Adhesive to glue crystals randomly around designs.

What you need:

iLoveToCreate products
Tulip® Body Art® Kits


  • Container with water

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