Neon Pineapple Boxes


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These neon pineapple boxes are the perfect accessory to your home decor - whether inside or out! You can use them to hold everything from condiments to candy to cotton balls! I used Duncan Concepts Neon color family to achieve this breezy, tropical vibe.

Open your box and use a damp cloth to wipe away any dust or debris. Let dry.

Decide what sets of colors you want to use on your pineapple boxes. You'll need three contrasting neon colors. 

Apply three coats inside and out of each piece. Let dry between coats.

Use the edge of your paintbrush to add accent color on the pineapple grooves. Ley dry and then apply three coats of Pure Brilliance Clear Glaze. Fire at Cone 06.

Enjoy your neon pineapple boxes! 

I had so much fun painting the pineapple boxes...I decided to paint these tiki tumblers as well! One is a pineapple, then a tiki, and a coconut! I'm so craving a visit to Hawaii right now!

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