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No Bones About It T-shirt

Make no bones about it, you’ll be the hippest ghoul at the party with a Halloween T-shirt this wickedly fun! Combine fabric paints, crystals and creativity for the perfect mix of Fright Night fashion.



1. Iron freezer paper (waxy side up) to inside front of T-shirt to create stable painting surface and prevent paint seepage to backside of shirt.

2. Trace rib cage design onto another piece of freezer paper and use a craft knife to cut out designs to create stencil.

3. Place stencil onto front of shirt waxy side down and iron in place.

4. Spray Snow Fabric Spray Paint over stencil openings with Snow Fabric Spray Paint until desired coverage is achieved. Let dry and remove stencil.

5. Apply Tulip 3D Fashion Paint Neon and Glow paint colors to stencil design in drip pattern, alternating colors as shown. Let dry.

6. Place clear crystals at the ends of random paint drip designs and set in place with Cordless Heat-Setting Tool, following instructions on package.

7. Remove freezer paper from inside of shirt.

What you need:

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  • Freezer paper
  • Pencil
  • Iron
  • Cotton T-shirt - royal blue
  • Craft knife


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