Painted Clouds Sun Hat


Picture of Painted Clouds Sun Hat

It’s so great to see the sun coming out more and more, and that calls for cute summer hats! Rather than the usual plain, woven hat, you can give the brim a makeover with Tulip Soft Paints to create a dreamy cloudy sky pattern. When you glance up, you can see the pretty pattern under the brim of the hat for a small pop of pattern and color!

What you need:

·         Blue Tulip Soft Paint

·         White Tulip Soft Paint

·         Woven brimmed hat

·         Paint brush

·         Round sponge brush

Step 1: Turn the hat upside down and paint the entire underside of the brim of the hat blue using Tulip Soft Paint. Let dry and paint a second coat if needed to brighten the color. 

Step 2: Once the blue paint is completely dry, use the white paint and dab the round sponge brush in bunches to create the appearance of clouds scattered around the brim. Let dry. 

Note, if needed, paint the outside of the hat to cover up any paint that may have seeped through. This will vary according to hat type. 

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Published Date

April 23, 2018