Pep Talk Ceramic Canvas


Picture of Pep Talk Ceramic Canvas

Sometimes you need a reminder to keep your chin up. That's where this pep talk ceramic canvas will come in handy! Make it to serve as a daily mantra that the odds will be in your favor. Duncan Letter Embellies and Square Canvases will come in handy!

Place the letters on the canvas and decide how you want to position them. 

Use a pencil or ballpoint pen to draw your floral designs around the edges of the canvas.

Use Duncan Concepts to fill in the color. Apply three coats, let dry between each coat.

Use French Dimensions to outline each flowers. Use contrasting colors to make them come alive! You can also use black to define even further.

Apply three coats of Concepts to the letters, let dry between each coat.

Let your letters dry completely.

Now it's time to add the letters to the canvas! Apply white French Dimensions to the back of each letter and press into place on the canvas. Let dry. Paint the edges of the canvas too.

Use a sponge to coat with three layers of Pure Brilliance Clear Glaze, let dry between each coat. 

I love how the texture of the letters match the texture of the French Dimensions, so bright and cheery!

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