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Pin Cushion Canning Jar

Here’s a way to take the canning jar out of the kitchen and into your craft room! It then becomes a handy tool for storing needles on top and whatever else you want inside!



1. Remove Mason jar lid and place it on fabric for tracing – trace a circle around lid making fabric circle at least 1”-1.5” larger (all around) for stuffing and tucking.

2. With hand sewing needle and thread, hand baste stitch a large and loose stitch close to edge of circle. 

3. Tighten thread a little to create a “pocket” for stuffing and fill it in with soft fiberfill.

4. Place flat part of Mason jar lid inside this fabric pocket and tighten the fabric by continuing to pull thread. 

5. When fabric is tight enough and desired look of “dome” is achieved, tie a sturdy knot in thread and cut.

6. Glue down edges of fabric to the flat center lid piece with Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion®.

7. Cover the stitching and gathering of the fabric on bottom of lid with an additional piece of fabric smaller than lid and glue in place with Fabric Fusion. 

8. Once glue is dry, slip the outside of lid over fabric dome and screw on to top of Mason jar.

9. RIBBON: Add coordinating ribbon by cutting a 2”x26” piece of fabric. Fold fabric in half lengthwise and iron in place to create a crease down middle.  Open back up and fold both ends of strip in to create a pointed triangle – iron in place. Fold length of fabric in again toward middle crease and iron in place. Fold again until you have a quarter-inch width of “ribbon.” Add an even layer of Fabric Fusion to inside of ribbon and press flat with fingers. Let dry and tie ribbon around Mason jar.


  • Sewing needle and thread
  • Iron
  • Canning jar with lid
  • Fabric
  • fiberfill

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