Polka Dot Monogram Christmas Ornaments


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A little bit kitschy and alot of fun, these polka dot ornaments have a pop of color and personalized monograms! Make them for each member of the family, for your friends or spell a word with them on the tree.

What you need:

Tulip Puffy Dimensional Fabric Paint

Glass Ball Ornaments - Clear

Bamboo Skewers

Foam sheet to stick the skewers in

Cotton swabs to clean mistakes

Carefully remove the metal topper from the glass ornament. Keep this handy - you’ll need to replace it after the paint is dry so you can hang the ornament.

Holding the glass ornament in your hand, start drawing a letter on one side of the ornament using Tulip Slick Dimensional Fabric Paint.

Add swirls and thickened lines to the letter to give it a decorative look.

If you make a mistake, use a cotton swab to remove the paint from the ornament. Work quickly before the paint dries. if the paint does dry, continue working and let the paint dry completely. Carefully use a craft knife to peel the dried paint from the glass ornament.

Add dots of paint in various colors to cover the ornament. Space the first dots about 1.5” apart so there is enough room to add more dots in different colors.

Continue adding paint polka dots until the entire ornament is covered with dots.

Allow the ornament to dry for at least an hour before handling. Insert the metal topper into the top of the of the ornament.

You can tie an oversized bow at the top of the ornament for a super girly, gift shop look.

Experiment with traditional color combinations like red, gold, and green and non-traditional brights like hot pink, purple, and teal.

Tulip paints are available in a multitude of colors and styles, such as Tulip Crystals Dimensional Paint which has a touch of glitter. Here I used Tulip Metallics Dimensional Paint with Tulip Slick Dimensional Paint for a traditional colored ornament.

Add a big plaid bow to the top of the ornament to bring in the plaid trend this holiday season. Experiment with different fonts for the monograms to create truly unique ornaments to give as gifts or decorate for the season.

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