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Put Some Sparkle in Your Step Sheepskin Boots

Revamp an old pair of sheepskin boots with a glittery take on these famous style boots. First give them a new shade with some Tulip® fabric paint and then and the shimmer and shine with Tulip® glitter. You’ll love how toasty warm your feet will feel while sporting a new stylish look that shines.



1. Use painters tape to tape off soles and inside tops of boots.

2. Paint boots with Crimson Red fabric paint. Let dry.

3. Apply Glitter Bond onto a small section of boot and sprinkle on Apple Red glitter. Repeat this step over small sections at a time, until boot is covered.  Let dry.

4. Repeat all steps for second boot. 

5. Make sure everything is completely dry and remove tape from boots.


What you need:

Fashion Glitter
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  • Pair of “uggs style” sheepskin boots
  • Painter’s tape
  • Paintbrush

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