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Radical Riffs T-shirt

Get down and funky with a colorful guitar tee that’s easily made with the Tulip® ScreenIt! It’s bold, it’s bright and it’s ready to jam at your next musical event!



1. Download desired guitar graphic from computer. Make two copies because you are going to burn two screens.

2. On one of the copies, use a black permanent marker to completely fill in the image, so it is just a black shape of your guitar. This will be your “base” screen image. The other copy is your “detail” screen image. Create a screen for each of these images, following package instructions.

3. Iron freezer paper to the inside front of your T-shirt.

4. Spray front of T-shirt with Hawaiian Fizz fabric spray paint in a random pattern. Let dry.

5. Remove freezer paper from inside shirt. Position shirt on ScreenIt base.

6. Lightly spray shirt with Repositionable Tacky Spray and position “base” screen image on shirt.

7. Apply alternating dollops of neon Soft fabric paints along edge of base image. Screen image, being careful not to go over screened areas more than once to avoid over mixing colors. Let dry.

8. Position second, “detail” screen over first screened shape, lining up edges of design. Screen over with Ebony Soft Paint.  Let dry.


What you need:

Tulip® ScreenIt™


  • Black permanent marker
  • Freezer paper
  • White cotton T-shirt


  • Radical Riffs T-shirt Pattern 2

  • Radical Riffs T-shirt Pattern 1

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