Picture of Shining Stars Sneakers

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Shining Stars Sneakers

Let your feet do the talking with these enchanting sneakers that you’ll love wearing both day and night! They are both beautiful and colorful thanks to a combination of your creativity and Tulip® dyes, paints and markers. 



1. Wash sneakers and leave damp. Set out on covered work surface.

2. Mix Turquoise and Yellow dyes according to package instructions. Pour small amounts into plastic cups.

3. Use paintbrush to apply Yellow dye to heels of shoes, blending color forward.

4. Rinse brush and use to apply Turquoise dye to toe of shoes, blending backward into Yellow. Allow shoes to dry.

5. Use light colored marker to sketch waves, and moon/sun faces on sneakers.  Use additional markers to shade and fill in waves, moon and sun faces.

6. Use Glacier White paint to highlight designs.


  • Disposable plastic table cover
  • Plastic cups for dye
  • White 100% cotton sneakers
  • Small paintbrush for detail painting
  • 1” disposable paintbrush for dyeing

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