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I'm not much of an artist. I wish I could draw amazing things but I can't. So I often find myself trying to create drawings out of the simple things. You know, lines, dots, squiggles and that sort of thing. I love being able to find something that works really well without screaming "I did this because I can't draw!"

Today I'm going to show even the least confident crafters how to make some gorgeous snowflake mugs. If you can draw lines and make dots you're well on your way to making your own super cute mugs! Let's see how...

What you need:

First up this is what we're going for in the end. It's simple but pretty and looks very much like a snowflake! 

To start making your flakes draw a plus sign on your mug. The lines don't have to be the same length but you don't want them to be crazy different.

Draw an "X" over your plus sign and the base of your snowflake is done.

It's time to add to the base to start making a snowflake. Little "V" shapes are very popular. Add those to the ends of each line.

Continue adding to the lines working from the outside inward. "V" shapes of different sizes, straight dashes and little dots all work together to make the snowflake shape.

And if your lines aren't perfect it's absolutely fine. Look at that wonky business up there...

But in the end it looks hand drawn and charming! You really don't need to worry too much about perfection here.

If you do make a mistake, use rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs or paper towels to remove the ink and start over.

Put your mugs in a cold oven and heat to 375 degrees. Allow your design to bake on for 45 minutes. Once done turn the oven off and let the mugs cool with the oven. You can crack the door to speed up the process a bit.

Fill with hot chocolate or your favorite winter beverage and enjoy!

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