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Spring Bug Tee

If it’s been bugging you that you don’t have a cute springtime tee, then this project is for you! Create your own ladybug fabric paint tee to wear in the garden our just out enjoying the sunshine!



1. Prewash and dry tee.

2. Print bug pattern onto white paper.

3. Insert cardboard and bug stencil inside tee and tape bug stencil into place (center front) of tee. – You should be able to see the stencil through the fabric.

4. Trace the bug pattern with dimensional paints starting with swirls and leaves.

5. Outline the bug and dots with Deep Red. Let dry.

6. Paint in the bug with Crimson Red Soft paint leaving the dots blank for glitter.

7. Paint the bug legs, antlers and mouth with Black dimensional paint. Let dry completely.

8. Apply Glitter Bond inside the bug dots and sprinkle glitter on top. 

9. Also add a touch of Glitter Bond and White glitter to sides of white swirls.

10. Once Glitter Bond dries, shake off remaining glitter.

11. Add two eyes with black crystals and a dab of Jewel-It.



  • Paintbrush (small)
  • Tape
  • Cardboard insert
  • Computer paper
  • 100% cotton pink T-shirt


  • Spring Bug Tee Pattern 1

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