Picture of Spring Tabletop Dip-Dyed Paper Lanterns

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Spring Tabletop Dip-Dyed Paper Lanterns

Your party guests will enjoy gazing upward with lanterns this lovely above the table! Dipped in shades of orchid, these paper lanterns add the perfect tough of spring to your surroundings.  



1. Cover work surface with table cover. Mix dye according to package instructions.

2. In plastic bowl, mix a small amount of dye with water to create a light dilution of violet. Test color on scrap paper and add additional water or dye to achieve light shade.

3. Pour diluted dye onto plate. Pour full strength dye onto another plate.

4. Dip lanterns randomly into diluted dye. Hang to dry.

5. Dip lanterns a second time into full strength dye, and hang to dry.


  • Plastic bowl for dye mixing
  • Various sizes of white paper lanterns
  • Shallow plastic or foam plates
  • Disposable plastic table cover

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