Picture of Spring Tabletop Dip-Dyed Tassels

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Spring Tabletop Dip-Dyed Tassels

Set a spring table that’ll have your party guests swooning! The color orchid makes for settings that are sensational with rich color; dip-dyed tassels add the finishing touch to a picture-perfect place setting.  



1. Cover work surface with plastic table cover. Mix dye according to package instructions. 

2. Create a diluted shade of Violet by mixing a small amount of dye with water in plastic cup. Test color on a piece of scrap fabric, adding more dye or water to achieve a light violet.

3. Pour full-strength dye into a second plastic cup.  

4. Dip tassel into diluted dye first, allowing dye to wick upward.

5. Dip ends of tassel into full strength dye.

6. Hang tassel to dry over covered work surface.


  • Plastic cups for dipping
  • 100% Natural fiber white tassels
  • Disposable plastic table cover

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