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Did you know that you can use fabric markers with a stencil?!  It's true!  Use a stencil to guide you as you color and design to your heart's content.  We will show you two methods to using a stencil - a removable stencil and a permanent stencil option.

What you need:

Tulip Fabric Markers in your choice of colors

Blank zipper pouch

Stencil cut using your favorite cutting machine.  You'll need an adhesive vinyl stencil for removable and a heat transfer vinyl stencil for a permanent stencil.

For the removable stencil, weed out the portions that you would like to color in with Fabric Markers.  Using transfer tape, attach your stencil to your pencil pouch.

Using Fabric Markers, fill in stencil spaces as desired -have fun!!

When dry, remove the stencil vinyl to reveal your project!

For a permanent stencil, use heat transfer vinyl and weed out the portions that you would like to color in.  Attach the vinyl to your pencil pouch using an iron or heat press.  Remove carrier sheet.

Color in stencil as desired - have fun! Remember, the vinyl is permanent on this project and will not be removed.

Whether you use a removable stencil or a permanent one, both projects are super fun and turn out great. Enjoy how easy it is to use so many different colors in your design when you're using Fabric Markers!

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