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Sweet and Petite Purse

A delicate flower plays peek-a-boo on this charming little purse. All it takes is colorful Tulip® paints mixed with a dash of creativity to cultivate this new adorable accessory!



  1. Cover work surface with newspaper.
  2. Use felt pen to trace flower pattern onto shiny side of shelf paper then cut out. Peel paper backing from paper then press in place in lower corner of purse where shown. Press firmly along cut edges to prevent seepage. Place purse in center of newspaper.
  3. Squeeze a small puddle of Chocolate onto foil. Use small round paintbrush to add a few drops of water then thoroughly mix. Add more water as needed until paint is consistency of heavy cream. To create spatter effect, fill brush with thinned mixture then flick brush over surface. Add more paint to brush then flick paint again in another direction. Repeat to desired spatter effect. Let dry – a blow dryer will speed this step.
  4. Remove shelf paper design. Use pencil to lightly trace in flower line details as shown.
  5. Squeeze small puddles of Olive, Lime, Berry Red and Sunshine Yellow on foil. Fill flat brush with Berry Red then dip corner in Sunshine Yellow. Blend colors on brush by dabbing on foil, then fill in center of flower, painting Berry Red along outside edge.
  6. Fill in petals with Berry Red, leaving a thin area of black showing along edges as shown. Without cleaning brush, dip into Sunshine Yellow and brush in lower center of petals, creating a blend of color.
  7. Paint leaves Olive. Without cleaning brush, dip into Lime and add highlights to leaves from tip to bottom along edges. Let dry.
  8. Test flow of Gold Metallics 3D Fashion Paint on paper towel using an even pressure on bottle for a smooth line. Outline sections with dot-dash lines as shown.
  9. Add small dots of 3D Fashion Paint where crystal is desired then use tweezers to drop crystal into paint. Add yellow crystals to center, pink crystals to petals and lime crystals on leaves. Add random smaller Gold 3D dots around crystals where shown. Let dry.


  • Blow dryer (optional)
  • Paintbrushes – small round, ½” flat
  • Foil
  • Adhesive shelf paper
  • Newspaper
  • Black purse
  • Permanent felt pen


  • Sweet and Petite Purse Pattern 1

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