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Sweetly Serene Knitted Heart Pillow

Sweeten your favorite sitting area with a knitted heart pillow in serene shades of blue. Create this lovely pillow yourself with Tulip® Custom ColorLab™ Yarn Dyes and Cotton Yarns.

Yarn Dyeing Instructions:

  1. Untwist yarn skeins and tie in three places with small strings of yarn to prevent tangling.
  2. Dampen yarn with water.
  3. Wearing gloves from kit, add water to dye bottles and shake to mix according to package instructions.
  4. Variegated Yarn:  Lay out on covered work surface in an oval shape. Apply sections of Lemonade, Robin’s Egg Blue, Cool Pool and Storm dye colors onto 3 skeins.
  5. Solid colored yarn: Submerge 3 skeins of yarn in bowl with dye or apply By the Sea dye to entire skein and work into yarn.
  6. Cover in plastic wrap to keep damp and let set 4 to 6 hours or longer. Once set, rinse thoroughly under running water until water runs clear and hang to dry.

Knitting Instructions:

Gauge 10 sts and 16 rows = 4”, blocked

Pattern Notes: Use a separate strand of yarn for each chunk of color, to avoid floating unused yarn across back of stitches.

Be consistent with your color changes, always bringing the new strand of yarn under the old strand of yarn to avoid holes in the work.


With A, cast on 41 sts.

Work 2” st st, ending with a WS row.

Begin Heart

Row 1: With A, k 20, with B, k1, with second strand of A, k 20.

Row 2: With A, p19, with B, p3, with A, p19.

You have now completed Rows 1 – 2 of Heart Chart.

Continue on in st st as established, following the color changes of the chart.

When chart is completed, with A, work 2” st st, ending with a WS row.

Bind off.


Rep instructions for Front, using B as the background color and A as the heart.


Weave in all ends and block if needed.

Sew Front to Back on three sides, using either color of yarn and a tapestry needle.

Insert pillow form into pillow case.

Sew up final seam.


All abbreviations are lower case unless specifically listed as upper case, or they appear at the start of a sentence.

approx: approximately

beg: begin(ning)

bet: between

BO: bind off

circ: circular needle

cn : cable needle

CO: cast on

cont: continue

dec(s): decrease(s)

dec’d: decreased

dpn(s): double-pointed needle(s)

est’d: established

foll: follow(s/ing)

inc(s): increase(s)

inc’d: increased

k2tog: knit 2 stitches together

kwise: knitwise

m: marker

M1: make one stitch

p2tog: purl 2 together

patt: pattern

pm: place marker

prev: previous

psso: pass slipped stitch over

PU: pick up

pwise: purlwise

rem: remain(s/ing)

rep(s): repeat(s)

rev st st: reverse stockinette stitch

rnd(s): round(s)

RS: right side

sk2p: sl 1, k2tog, psso

sl: slip

sm: slip marker

ssk: slip slip knit

st(s): stitch(es)

st st: stockinette stitch

tbl: through the back loop

tog: together

w&t: wrap and turn

ws: wrong side

wyib: with yarn in back

wyif: with yarn in front

yo: yarn over 



  • Plastic table cover
  • Knitting needles, size 9/5.00 mm or size needed to obtain gauge
  • Tapestry needle
  • 16" Square pillow insert
  • Optional: bobbins

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