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Terra Cotta Birdbath

Your garden will be graced with this project. Use ready made terra cotta to create a custom design.


1. Stack terra cotta pieces into desired shape.

2. Pieces will be glued from bottom up. Apply a bead of glue to bottom rim of plate. Press next section in place. Continue gluing pieces together. Let dry.

3. Thread beads onto string, using photo for reference. Apply a bead of glue on birdbath where desired. Press beads into glue, tying ends of string together to finish ring. Continue with remainder of bead rings gluing in place.

4. To each heart flower, apply a dot of glue to backs of 4 hearts. Apply to birdbath with tips toward center. Hold in place with small pieces of tape until dry. Glue wood button at center of each grouping. Let thoroughly dry. Remove all tape.

5. Paint entire birdbath with 2 coats of terra cotta acrylic with dry foam brush letting thoroughly dry between coats. A blow dryer will speed this step.

6. Squeeze a puddle of Hunter Green onto foil. Thin to consistency of heavy cream using a small amount of water. Working in small sections at a time, quickly apply a coat of mixture. Immediately wipe off excess with paper towel. More paint can be added to create desired patina. Continue with remainder of project blending as needed. Let dry.

7. Following label instructions, spray birdbath with varnish.


  • Spray varnish, satin
  • Masking tape, low tack
  • 2” foam brush
  • Foil or foam plate for paint palette
  • Acrylic paint: terra cotta, hunter green
  • Scissors
  • Terra cotta pieces: saucers, plates, and pots
  • Wood pieces: beads, 1” x 1/4'” hearts, button
  • String
  • Paper towels

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