The Ultimate Glow-in-the-Dark DIY Roundup: 20+ DIY Project Ideas


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Happy Fall Y'all! I am so excited to put together this Glow in the Dark roundup for you using Tulip Dimensional Glow Paint! I am in love with all of these projects and I know you will love them too! This paint is really unlike any paint out there in that it glows in a cool stream of intense glow that you can put on t-shirts, totes, jars, pumpkins and more.  You can totally order this paint online and get it shipped fast via Amazon here or visit your local craft or department store and see the assortment of fab glowing colors.  They look amazing under blacklight too!


To start off this roundup I will share some beautiful Day of the Dead skulls. You won't believe what they looked like before they were transformed into Glow in the Dark skulls.  You will seriously want to keep them up all year long, hehe!

As we mentioned above, this is the magic ingredient that makes these pumpkins GLOW bright.  In this picture you can see the range of glowing colors.  These are our 4 oz bottles pictured above and you can buy them in the 4oz size, but the best way to get all the colors is buy the awesome Tulip Glow Multipack that comes with 6 colors and available with Prime Shipping! Visit the link to see more information and videos on the glow paint and to see how each color squeezes from the tube

You can't get more enchanted than this Glow in the Dark paint mask! The process to make the mask is incredibly easy and you can make so many of them with multiple colors! I also think this is a really fun project for kids because they can actually wear their creation around the house or for Halloween! If you are into Mardi Gras festivities or any other fun parties you can create a mask as well!

OK can we all just stop for a second and breathe. These whimsical Glow in the Dark pumpkins will make anyone feel like a star inside once they make them. They are very detailed but when you see the entire project you will realize that YOU can do it! 

Did you know dot's are in season! We have this amazing tutorial for creating magnificent Glow Firefly Jars! You could put so many things in these jars like candy, candles, colored water, bathroom goodies and so much more. Imagine lining them up on your window seal at night! 

Not only can you make fascinating masks' but you can also make stunning necklaces! I love this Spooky Slime Paint Necklace, not only is it spooky but I think it's very fashionable! 

I think we can all agree that playing with slime is somewhat relaxing. If you are on Instagram then I am sure you have been exposed to ton's of cool slime videos.  Good thing we have a recipe for you to make your own Glowing Slime, yes I said GLOWING SLIME! Now you can make your very own Instagram videos with slime! By the way are you following us on Instagram

Decorate your Halloween party drinks with these glow clings that you can place onto plastic tumblers and glasses. These super cute designs from A Pumpkin and a Princess range from ghosts to bats to adorable skulls.

Sometimes you don't realize how creative lines can be. The lines on this Glow in he Dark pumpkin can be applied thick or thin, but  the thicker you go the more they will show up at night.  Did I mention you can do these on artificial or real pumpkins! 

Not sure if you are wanting to dress up in a traditional Halloween costume this year? No worries, we have the perfect thing for you. You will have to pick your jaw up 3 times when you see this beautifully detailed Glow in the Dark Corset! You will seriously want to wear this all of the time plus on the positive side they still look cool when they are not glowing!

Remember those paper rolls of dot candy? If you do then I am positive you will fall in love with these Glow in the Dark candy button shoes! The great thing is you can wear these daily and I can guarantee you will get an overload of compliments! 

Life is all about seeing things pixelated right! I am digging this Pixelated Skull Shirt and I can't express how awesome this will look in the dark! You can do this design on bags, shirts, pants, aprons and anything else you can think of!

Who doesn't love bunting? Making fun flags is easy and can transform any space in seconds! This Glow in the Dark Banner will be the perfect edition for Halloween. I love that you can buy fabric that has designs on it already and simply paint over them! 

There is something snazzy about these lines. I am not sure if they look creepy or classy however I do know if you did  a bunch of these and put them in a cluster it would look so rad! Check out the other designs created with this one here!

Nothing screams Halloween like Glow in the Dark Monster Pillows! These will really spook your neighbors at night and look great during the day. 

If you love yoga then you will love these Glow in the Dark Yoga Pants! Not only do they look incredible in the dark but they are very fashionable in normal lighting! How fun would it be to have a painting party with your yoga friends and then all go out and do yoga together! We are in!

Calling all BONES! This is an easy go to costume for anyone! Nothing says Halloween like a good ole Glow in the Dark Skeleton outfit! 

Ornaments are not just for Christmas! These days it's fun to decorate for every single holiday known to man kind. These Glow in the Dark Ornaments are perfect for a spooky Halloween/Fall tree! These would look cute hanging from a chandelier as well! 

Sometimes we need to stick to basic designs when crafting! These geometric shapes on these Glow in the Dark Pumpkins are very simple and classic. This project could also help teach kids shapes!

If you love creating unique Halloween costumes for your kids or yourself then you will flip out over this! I think this is the cutest DIY costume I have ever seen. The cool thing about this Glow in the Dark Jellyfish Costume is even and adult can rock it and look good. 

I think we can all agree candles are the ultimate go to for anything! Candles can make any space feel cozy, happy and relaxing which is why we are excited to share these Glow in the Dark candles with you.  These would look really good in huge glass jars!

Dear Goblet, we love you! I don't know about you but I could drink out of this every day of the year, haha! These fun Ghoulish Glow Goblets are perfect for a yummy drink plus you will look super stylish while sipping from it! 

Spiders for days! Check out these wicked pumpkin designs and don't worry you will learn how to make spiders glow as well! I honestly can't decide what I love more! 

So I know you figured out by now that window clings are the new thing to put on your windows! Why buy when you can make your own. Check out these Glow in the Dark window clings, trust me they will make your heart sing at night!

I hope you enjoyed this roundup and your brain is loaded with tons of inspiration! Make sure to check out our website and if you create anything using our Glow in the Dark paints make sure to post them to our Facebook page! Happy Festivities! 

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